Friday, November 19, 2010

The species called women.


I continuously fail to understand them. I would love to hate them, but I have realized it is difficult to survive without them.

Well. Last time i cracked a joke about women drivers, the girl who sat next to me ate my ear. She hit me wherever she could. She  belonged to this category called 'Feminists.' The category who I hate pretty well. The ideologies which i refuse to accept at any cost.

I find women very complicated. I dont have much issues in designing a complex circuit and writing a firmware for anything. I am sometimes good in negotiating complicated issues. But I fail to get along well with a girl. Things start well, goes for sometime, and 'ends up bad.

I was once having this very casual talk with this girl. We talked about a lot of things, and bang. I cracked a very simple, non offensive, non vulgar, joke about her domain, and there she was. She would not talk to me again that day.

And this girl. We were casual friends. We talked on phone every weekend, or twice a week, we mail once in a while, and things were fine. Then. She disappeared. She would reject my calls, and she wont reply. I still have no clue what happened.

And things went on. As life moved on, the perspective has changed. The way I looked at girls has changed. There was times when I was curious, there was an age, when i looked at them as someone from another planet. I could not understand them much. That thing has not changed a bit. I still cant understand them. I still cannot understand what offends them, what does not.

I hate them when they keep me waiting at the boutique.
I hate them when they ask me to buy them smokes.
I hate them when they cant wait.
I hate them when they play the weaker sex ploy at their discretion
I hate them, when they drive at 30kmph at the middle of the road, and will not move to the left so that i can pass.
I hate them when they cant walk at all.
well. the list goes on.

All said and done. I have to admit I cannot live without them around. I love them when they are around. I love them when they make me feel wanted. I respect them when they do things i cant. I admire them when i see them fight and make their living.

I have no clue if I feel the same as time pass by. I do not believe I will ever understand them. I dont have to, either. I just need to learn to accept people the way they are. I guess cutting down on my ego might help, but then, it is close to impossible for a hard core Arian.

PS: this is not about me hating women. I do not hate them. But i do hate the concepts of feminism. I believe women has the right to do what men do.


smalltown_girl said...

Ha! If you understand it all, there is no mystery and allure na?? hmm hmm??

Carpe Diem! said...

Hem hem, somebody pnce told me these very wise words: "I do not believe man is 'bigger' than women, nor do I think women are 'bigger'. But they aint equal either. They aint equal, because they are different in emotional build,they are different in physical build and they are different in sexual build."

And if we are so different, how can we understand each other? :P It'd be enough if you respect women for whatever they are. And just like you made one list, you can make another list - about what you like in them. That might help put things in perspective. ;)

Pearl said...

Nice read..:) and i do agree to wat smalltown girl said..there should be something left to know each time :)

The impulsive RAM said...

am glad that you atleast dont hate them, and that you can live wit them around...well written

survivingbrain said...

@small town girl
Yeah. But then, its too complicated a mystery.:D Double hmmm!!

@Carpe diem
Great words!! Wise man, aint that somebody?
:D:D:P lol.
I do respect girls. But not all of them. There are a lot of girls/women I respect.
And Yes, I will come up with that list.

May be, but then.. dont you think things are better when things are simple??

@The impulsive ram

Been a long time since you dropped in. I had all plans to yell, shout, scream, this, that and all at you over mail. Good to see you here.

flotsam said...

Maybe your firmware isin't working too well for their software! :D
Sorry, but I just couldn't resist it!