Thursday, August 12, 2010

Discoveries of a Lazy mind.


I remain Lazy. It was never in the genes, as I can see my parents, aint that lazy. It is fun, to lay down on a place of your choice, with a glass of ........ in my haind, with the so called 'gentle breeze on my hair,' fried mushroom and cauliflower to snack on, and probably Jim Morrison or may be Grateful Dead playing on the background. These are times when I 'think,' or probably 'use' my brain, eventhough for not so useful purposes.

So, then I think of creation. No, not by the Christian God, for I am an atheist. We make things, and may be break them. Some lasts , some dont. But still, things are born, and are destroyed. They make the world trace center, some planes brought it down. We make friendships, we break it down. We make houses, an earthquake brings it down. We makes houses, we, ourselves bring it down. We get married, we divorce. Or one of them die. We create a company, sometimes it becomes bankrupt. Sometimes gets taken over. We have a crush, we get over it. We gets born, we depart. We make a phone call, we stop a phone call. Everything HAS to stop.

Discovery :P:P :: We live in a world where we cannot live without creating something and then destroying it, for which we are unhappy most of the times.

I was unguided. I am not sure If i am right when I made that statement, but most of the decisions in my life was NOT influenced by 'somebody.' Like why I turned atheist. It was, possibly when I was about 12 years old, that I decided to discontinue my affair with GOD. No one asked me to, no one mentioned about the bad side of GOD, but I just thought like. I never liked to follow the advice from someone, and was wrong, most of the time.

So you have a book to follow, you have a set of rules you like to follow. When you are confused about how to live, you have a God to ask to, you have rules written. You believe the book is right for you. You have faith in the book. You have a direction on how to live. And it works, most of the time.

For the unguided, life remains an unsolved mystery. For the unguided, life does not have a right or a wrong. You become an outlaw in the eyes of the guided, you tend to feel insecure. You do not know if you should go on or stop it if you fall in love with your neighbour's wife. You do not know if you should have a job. You dont know if you should follow the rules.

Discovery :P:P :: If you do not follow the rules of the society or the GOD, you learn from your mistakes. Mostly painful ones. If you follow, you NEVER learn. You think you KNOW.

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