Thursday, August 19, 2010



We do what we learn, and we learn what we do.
Thats the strange way brain works.. The more we do something, the more we learn about it, and the more we like to do it.!!

Thats how the perspective changes. You can see the interesting changes, in yourselves.

Like, a close friend of mine and me used to discuss about different girls we meet. That was in our early and mid teens, when we were in high school. The most important part of the discussion will be the 'structural definition' of the essential body parts, and our own discoveries about the girl under scrutiny.

Later, I met him after a long time after he finished his dentistry. And then, I met one of My college friends on the road, and introduced her to him. After she left, I expected the old style comment from him, but what I got instead, was his lecture about the kind of dental treatments she will need, the type teeth structure, this and that. I dont know if he even had a look at her face, leave the other interesting features.

I have been spending too much time on robotics these days. And then, even while I am involved, I do occasionally think about a girlfriend. Thats the newest thing my mind is trapped into. But then, I wish the girlfriend had an ON/OFF button behind her neck, programmable preset behavioral pattern matching different moods, implementation of a prediction algorithm so as to know before hand if she is going to kick my ......, well..

Its like I might end up finding a 'bug' in the food, spotting a latency in her voice pitch, implementing an DSP filter in what she sees(while at a shopping mall), flash her memory if she finds me with this girl, and what not!!

Too much of anything is bad enough, I know. At least for now, i should decide if I should start looking


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