Monday, August 30, 2010

The one long drive.


I have seen weird feats. People doing this and that. People climb up buildings, swim, they ride a cycle across the country, and all the weird stuff. And if the usual lady-with the mike with the usual cameraman approach him, he has a reason to do it. To build awareness on global warming, for the people of the slum, against AIDS, for gay rights, against terrorism, and this and that. All global issues. None of them agrees to the fact that they just need the fame or did it just for the sake of it. Doing these for the aforementioned 'noble' causes will have a chair or a 2 bedroom apartment booked for them in heaven, i guess. 

I have been thinking of this. I want to drive the good ol car (The same car that airlifted that guy in bike) around the country. Yes, it is a well known fact that the car is 10 years old, and that the make is a Maruti 800. And there is little doubt that it do lack a couple of nuts and bolts here and there, possibly from my assumption during driving that I am driving a hummer. 

What I do lack, is money. May be I should get someone sponsor me, and their stickers can very well cover the scratches here and there. But I need a cause. I cant say I am driving these 10,000 odd kilometers I plan to, for fame. :P 

Whats the best cause I can get a sponsor? Global warming? Polar bear? Turtles?


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DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

is the whole 'im-poor' thing to let urself gain sympathy and some bank balance? :P :P

P.S. : u wanted a cmmnt, u get one :D