Sunday, August 01, 2010

Theories of a lazy mind.


Vehicles. Large ones. Small ones. Shops. Theaters. Computers. Mobile Phones. Robots. Spacecrafts. Electricity.

'This invention will ease your life' - will say every inventor. Contraptions to make life simple. Information at the touch of a pad. Long distance calls. Things which we cannot live without.

Yes, things which we cannot live without.

If these things were supposed to make life simpler, and better, why is it that it is very, very difficult to live without it?

I would say, a piece of rock was a very simple thing in pre historic times. You could find it everywhere. You could use it to do a lot of things. They never missed it when you lost it. They never carried it around. You could afford to lose it.

Here comes the theory : Real simple things, are actually things you can afford to lose.

I like riding a car. One of the very simple things I always liked, was long drives. Let Jimmy page or Jerry Garcia play on the deck. I mostly feel good after a drive. Simple, huh?

Considering the pain in downloading the music, copying it to a CD or a pen drive, when the virus shows up and say "you cannot copy this file", fixing it after a couple of system restarts, Going to the ATM only to find the machine not working, and then the petrol guy wont take a card on this particular day, and when somehow you fix up things and set off for the drive, you realize you have forgotten the Pollution under control certificate, and then .....

Things dont come simple after all.

That was when I remember watching the rain fall. you could be anywhere, you never paid for it.

And yes, the theory : Real good things, are actually things you dont have to carry along.

MY problem is bigger than YOUR problem!!
Problems. People have a lot of them. Things to be solved. Things to be worried about.

We can take a leave from office on emergencies. Like death of someone close. Like falling ill. Like having an accident. Like for a marriage. These are the certified 'problems' you can put forth for skipping something.

The employer believes he or she, suffering from any of these problems, cannot concentrate on the work on board, so he gives him a leave for the day.
Very logical.

But do they give an off when we really need a break? Like when someone broke up a long term affair? When some one is depressed for other reasons? Like when you lost big bucks when the stock crashed? Or like, normally in my case, when I just feel a bit too sleepy and cant open an eye how hard I try? (probably because I have been sleeping too much on the day before?)

I would be of no use showing up in office. I would be as good as a mentally challenged. But then, for me, it is a Problem, an excuse for not showing up!! For some, it will be a silly fight with a friend, a depressing dream, a broken mobile phone, or something sillier.

Still, it disturbs to an extend that we cannot concentrate on anything else. This, becomes the primary concern.

Very relative.

And yes, the theory : There are no actual problems. They are just state of mind. It is all about how neurons are arranged in your mind at that particular point of time. What alcohol does, is, re arrange the neurons in such a way that you are in a different state. That is why you forget things, or calm down when drunk.

PS: And yes, now I know why people say its very difficult to put theory into practical.


Pearl said...

Nice write up...enjoyed reading this post..

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

it was COOl intil suddnly alchol popped up from nowhere, in the last part.

survivingbrain said...

You normally serve alcohol with ice!!!

So it has to be cool even at the last part !! :P:P:P


ps: I wonder why you have this big a problem with alcohol even when it is in writing.. chances are you will be a good drinker as you grow up... :P:P

(Like I was once)