Saturday, August 14, 2010



I hate this.
I feel like having a girlfriend.
This is very unlike me, but true.



smalltown_girl said...

ha ha
am on he same page.
i feel the same too.
but only occasional pangs.

survivingbrain said...


Dont be impulsive and find one.
What if you wanted a boyfriend today, you found one, and then you dont feel like having one the day after?

If only a boyfriend or girlfriend could be bought from a shop. or may be rented.

Now I feel like starting a rental shop.

Am i getting crazy or is it the wine I just had?

smalltown_girl said...

Its the wine :p
Shops were you can get opp or same sex partners have been there since the begining of time.
Mary madgalane (spelling :-S )

What I want is a robo or simulated one.
You getting me?
Am I too going crazy?
Or is it that I just woke up now and my brain is still fuzzy?

smalltown_girl said...

Ps-i've added you in my ymessenger. And gtalk. Do you ever come online? I would've liked to talk to you

Pearl said...

ha ha...good thgt..but will anyone risk it?

midnight murderer said...

oho.anganeyaano.kollaam.nallathu varatte.aasamsakal.