Sunday, August 29, 2010

The great Indian morality.


I like yahoo chat, it has some real good smilies. Like the devil smilie , the ROTFL smilie, the heart smilie and all. It was fun. 

It has been real long since I chatted in a chat room, to a total stranger. Last time, might be, in 2001 - or may be 2002. Or may be a couple of  occasional chats in between. For some strange reason, I logged into a chat room, today - five minutes before writing this. 

Here is what I got..

This was not, an adult chat room, for that matter.  Are people this desperate to have sex? Is the gay orientation i saw much, due to the lack of women, or is it the way the orientation is?
I waited for some more time, to see If I will get a single message which was not about the availability of a person to have sex. Could not. 

So i just wondered how it is in an adult room. Not that I have not been, but I just dont remember. 
Here, is what I got there.

Not very different in terms of theme, But occasionally i could get a couple of normal talks. Is this, why people dont really get into yahoo chat these days? I could not stand the chat rooms, as I could not find anyone, who talk normal. But, i got some real, friendly talks in the rooms of other countries. I got a lot of respect, irrespective of my race or ethnicity. 

We, Indians, claim to have high moral values, and high family bonding. It is high time we redefine morality. I listen to Hard core rock, I write in the language called english, I use a lot of foreign goods. But, I dont think I would like to go to the US or the UK and live there for the rest of my life. I like my place, I like my small town, and feels like living here for the rest of my life. I love my country. But I hate the fake morality that we field, the fake face that we show up in front of our own people. 


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Heathcliffs Girl said...

yahoo chat.not very fond memories.
ASL plzxzzzz and buzzz.
something chat rooms spells sex for an avg indian i guess.